How to Grow Your Mailing List with Printables

How to Grow Your Mailing List with Printables

Growing Your List with Printables is Easy…Especially with Templates!

We hope you found our free checklists and templates for growing your list helpful. If you missed the link for those, you can download them here.

Let’s talk more about free gifts you can give your list, especially since we’ve created a Yoga Ekit that makes it easy for you to make free gifts in the yoga niche. If you still need to pick it up, go here to get the Ekit at a crazy good price.

Whether you’re in the yoga niche or not, let’s use those product templates as an example. And remember, when you pick up 3 or more designs, you save 50% on your entire order.

Making Free Gifts for Your Subscribers

The best free gift you can give is something that makes customers want to buy your product. So it can give them a little taste of what you have to offer or it could give them useful information about starting to solve their problem…and then your product actually solves that problem. 

But let’s focus on giving taste tests here.

If you sell coloring books, why not give out a few free sheets? Once they sign up, you can give them a special offer to grab your coloring book or offer a special coloring book bundle they can’t find anywhere else. 

If you sell journals, give them a simple mini journal to download and print. Then follow up with journaling tips and offers for your journals that include writing prompts, how to info, coloring pages or other cool things journaling fans would love.

If planners are your game, why not give out single planner pages for a specific purpose? Our Yoga Ekit contains some blank templates you can edit to your heart’s content.


If you sell t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise…lure them in with your fabulous designs. You can give them printable stickers and note cards. Then give them a special offer, so they can show off their love of yoga (or whatever your niche is).

Of course, there are many kinds of printables you can make to create your free gifts. For example…

* Workbooks and Worksheets
* Journals
* Planners
* Checklists
* Calendars
* Stickers
* Activity Pages
* Flash Cards
* Playing Cards
* Tracking Sheets
* Lesson Plans
* Menus
* Recipe Cards
* Scrapbook Layouts
* Schedules
* Shopping Lists
* Coloring Pages
* Spreadsheets
* Patterns
* Calendars
* Wall Art
* Note Cards and Stationery
* Index Cards (for Recipes, Instructions, etc.)
* Shopping / Supply Lists
* Tracking Sheets (Diet, Exercise, Etc.)
* Gift Tags
* Bookmarks
* Party Favors
* Party Decorations

…but there are so many more possibilities. 

Hope you found this helpful for getting started in growing that list. 

If you want to make any of these printabless shown, be sure to grab the Yoga Ekit before the special pricing ends. We’d hate for you to pay too much!

How Creating Product Bundles Make You More Easy Money

How Creating Product Bundles Make You More Easy Money

This can make a HUGE difference in how you make money from your products, so be sure to read it through. And hey, if you need some content to implement it, be sure to get our Positive Affirmations EKit at this link for special pricing.

You know we’re all about creating shortcuts and using SMART strategies to help you sell MORE products for HIGHER prices. And this post is all about that.

If you’ve been busy working on your Etsy shop or website with individual products, make sure to take a break after a while and create a value bundle.

Never underestimate the power of the product bundle, ESPECIALLY when you’re working with digital assets like printables.

Product Bundles Mean:

  • You can pack a bunch of content into a package at a great price that is hard for your customers to resist.
  • You’ll make more per sale. So instead of charging a few bucks for an individual printable, you can charge many multiples of that or whatever your customers are willing to pay and still get a good deal.
  • When you have a high converting offer like this, it’s easy to get affiliates to promote for you. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Create product bundles regularly as you accumulate products you’re selling.

And each time you do, turn it into an event or product launch because the extra effort will pay off. Treat it as a product launch and promote it over a number of days to your list, get your affiliates involved, create some ads, etc.

If you’re not sure how to do that, come talk to us in the Facebook Group and we’ll try to create some free resources to give you a bit more step-by-step on some of that stuff soon.

Now let’s talk about product bundles, using our Positive Affirmations EKit as an example to draw from….

1. The wall posters certainly could be bundled up into positive thinking wall art bundles, as these are the types of designs people love having in multiples.

2. Those wall art posters are also great for planner and journal inserts, so those could be bundled up, added to existing journals and more.

3. In this EKit, the affirmations journals have matching card decks. So the customer can use the cards to reinforce the affirmations they’ve written about in their journal. These are perfect for gifts as well!

4. You can create a class on how to print your own card decks and bundle up the card deck designs (we have tons more in the Positive Affirmation Upgrade Package) and give them the cards to print out for themselves.

5. Have a class on the Power of Positive Affirmations…perhaps about cultivating gratitude for more abundance in one’s life. Then give them the card deck, journal and maybe some of the posters too.

6. And of course, you can make other gift packs that include mugs, t-shirts, etc. Those are a bit trickier as they aren’t an unlimited digital resource, but they can certainly be used to increase your earnings per sale.

Just a few ideas for you. There are so many possibilities with this content.

What Next: Get Your Positive Affirmations EKit for Your Own Product Bundles

We’ve created the content for you…all you have to do is turn them into instant products for sale. Check out our Positive Affirmations EKit…

Tons of content to create wall art, journals, card decks and plenty more.

Go here to get the best price with commercial-use rights.

And if you need help with implementation, come see us in the Facebook Group. You’ll find the link on your download page.

How to Grow Your Business with Print on Demand Products

How to Grow Your Business with Print on Demand Products

he most obvious thing people do with print-on-demand products like t-shirts and mugs is sell them on marketplaces like Etsy or in their own online shop. But that’s just scratching the surface.

Print-on-Demand products are a way for you to GROW a loyal customer basis. Here are a few ideas for you to do that:

1. Give a bonus tshirt or mug to clients who sign up for your coaching or training program…or another high ticket product. Make sure the design is something they’d want to wear, but you can also add your branding, so you have a little army out there, sharing your message.

2. Send them as gifts to your best customers and clients. Check your order stats and send a surprise gift to those big spenders. Same tip on the branding.

3. Do the same with your top affiliates. A little thoughtful gift goes a long way to keep you in their mind the next time they’re looking for something to promote.

4. Have a sweepstakes or contest to give away a bundle of products. Be careful of adding everyone who enters the contest on your list as they will tend to be low quality subscribers who have no idea why you’re emailing them. But you can put a check box to intentionally opt-in on entry.

5. Look for other online businesses running sweepstakes or contests and donate your products for extra exposure.

6. Partner with an artist to feature their work. Bonus points if the artist already has a following, but can use your help in creating products. Win-win for you both.

7. Do the same with influencers. Help them release a product line that matches their style or message. You get the benefit of a built-in audience and they get a product line they can sell.

Think BIGGER and BIGGER things will happen. What other ideas do you have?

Need Some Print-on-Demand Templates to Get Started? We Got You…

If you’re looking to build your print-on-demand empire, no need to start from scratch. We’ve bundled up 125 product templates and posters to give you a head start. All the templates are fully editable, so you can easily brand them and get as creative as you want.

Here’s a peek at the designs…


But they’re a bit hard to see there.

Go here to get the full details and your special pricing.

Then start growing your business strategically with print-on-demand products.

Picking The Best Free Blogging Site

Picking The Best Free Blogging Site

Choosing a free blogging site can feel overwhelming because there are so many options. There are several large free blog-hosting sites that dominate the blogosphere, but there are also smaller sites. Whether you decide to join up with an established site like blogger or whether you choose to sign on with a relatively new venture depends on what your priorities are.

Reliability is perhaps your best reason to choose a large and well known free blogging site. When you opt to have an established brand host your blog, you can feel secure that your blog will not crash often and will not disappear in the middle of the night. A company that has been around for a while is likely to have the resources to make sure that its clients aren’t unpleasantly surprised by any technical glitches.

However, many bloggers decide that this isn’t enough of a selling point. The bloggers who choose to go with smaller, newer blog hosting sites do so for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the number one advantage is a fairly abstract one. Bloggers tend to relish the fact that the internet is a place where the underdog has a strong chance of success, and by choosing to have a small company as a blog host, a blogger is casting his or her vote for David against Goliath.

Do you agree?

Using A Free Blogging Web Site

Using A Free Blogging Web Site

For first time bloggers, a free blogging web site is a great way to get started in the blogosphere. Popular blogging web sites like blogger and eponym allow users to set up and host a blog without paying any fees at all. This encourages people to start blogging, because the fact that one of these sites can provide you with all of the tools that you need to get your blog up and running without spending any money means that you have nothing to lose by starting a blog. The fact that it is so easy to find a way to blog for free is one of the reasons why so many people who have never had any other kind of web presence before find themselves drawn to blogging.

By signing up with a free blogging web site, you may find it easier to get listed in search engines that you would if you were starting your own blog from scratch. For example, google runs the free blog hosting site Blogspot and crawls its pages very often looking for updates, so if you have your site hosted by blogspot you are almost guaranteed to be listed on google’s blog search engine. This easy access to search engines can take some of the work out of promoting your blog, and can help you gain a following with a minimum of marketing effort.

If your blog attracts a large readership, you may want to consider moving your site. Many people feel that being hosted by a free blogging web site gives a blog a kind of amateur flavor that is fine for a new member of the blogosphere, but is not appropriate for a high-profile blog. Having your own domain can help you make your blog feel professional, and finding a company that will host your domain is not difficult or expensive. Once your blog takes off, you will probably be able to sell enough advertising space to be able to afford to buy a domain and pay for a hosting package, and still have money left over. However, it does not make sense in most cases to invest in these glossy luxuries before you have a sizable readership.

Starting your blog on a free blogging web site is a great way to build a following before you spend any money on your blog. If and when your blog becomes popular and you are ready to take the next step and purchase your own domain, your readers will follow you to your new home. The fact that it is possible to use a free blog host like blogspost, blogger, or eponym as a kind of incubator for your blog is great news for bloggers everywhere.